Conference/Seminar Scholarship


  1. Encourage attendance at the many fine events in our field occurring around our area all year long for which a fee is required
  2. Overcome any financial stress the fee to such an event would cause

Weighted in Favor of:

  1.  Board members and Chairpersons
  2. Volunteers
  3. General membership if no applications from above categories

General Thoughts:

  1.  Up to $30.00 each
  2. Three awards per year (not counting President’s allotment for annual Conference)
  3. Only one award per recipient per year
  4.  Once an award is given consideration for that recipient will fall to the same level as the general membership for the next 2 years. In other words, if a board member/volunteer requests and receives an award that person will not be favored above the general membership for the next 2 years. After 3 years following the receipt of the award that board member/volunteer will again be considered above a request from the general membership.
    1. Date of request shall have bearing when awarding the scholarship
    2. Board member/chairperson weighted higher than volunteer
    3. General membership considered only if no weighted requests received
  5. One award per event
  6. Board/Chairs should consider it an OBLIGATION OF LEADERSHIP to further their knowledge of our very interesting field.
    1. Good way to meet the movers and shakers in our area of interest
    2. Good networking possibilites
  7. Recipient will write a short synopsis of the event in a timely manner to be published in our newsletter.

Application for Conference Scholarship