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Pizzo Native Plant Nursery

10729 Pine Rd
Leland IL 60531-9802

PizzoPizzo Native Plant Nursery’s mission is to better communities through the cultivation, promotion, and trade of native plants. They are a wholesale grower specializing in native plant plugs, and are known as an established and reputable grower with more than 25 years of ecological restoration science behind their product and services. Pizzo also has 15 habitat-specific customized seed
mixes for large scale projects and produces a nice offering of pesticide-free vegetable plants in the spring.

Their nursery encompasses 40 acres of restored wetland and prairie habitat in the heart of farm country near Leland, Illinois, providing them with ready access to local eco-type seed from a diverse number of native plant species. Their production facilities include greenhouse space to allow for extended growing and targeted, date-specific delivery. They pride themselves on strong
customer relationships and deliver a superior quality product and customized service. Pizzo Nursery’s live inventory availability is listed on their website and Wild Ones members are welcome to place orders for full flat quantities. Mixed species flat options are also available.

We at Wild Ones appreciate the work that Pizzo does with native plant projects, and we appreciate their business membership in our chapter. Learn more about their organization at their website, or contact grack@pizzonursery.com.

Red Buffalo Nursery
10502 Seaman Rd
Hebron IL 60034-8822

Red Buffalo Red Buffalo Nursery has been selling quality native plants since the turn of the century (21st century, that is). Jack Kaskel started the business because he discovered the majesty of our endangered native ecosystems while volunteering for the North Branch Prairie Project (30 years ago). He is now working to restore them, and helping others restore and recreate these magical environments.

Red Buffalo Nursery specializes in plants native to the prairies, wetlands, savannas, and forests of northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin. The Nursery grows plants from locally collected seed whenever possible (and never digs plants from the wild populations).

Red Buffalo Nursery offers garden design, landscaping, and natural areas restoration and maintenance services, too. When they design a garden, or create a natural areas management plan, they use the original pre-settlement environment as their model. Today, many of our natural
areas are overrun by invasive weeds – plants never encountered prior to European settlement. These weeds, like garlic mustard, purple loosestrife, and common buckthorn, don’t belong here, and many are actively displacing our beautiful and rare native plants.

Everyone at Red Buffalo Nursery believes our native ecosystems are worth restoring or recreating, and that’s why they are in business. Thank you, Red Buffalo, for being a business member of our chapter. Learn more about Red Buffalo nursery at their website.


St. Aubin Nursery

35445 Irene Rd
Kirkland IL 60146-8251

St. Aubin Nursery has been in business for over 100 years, having been founded by Eugene A. de St. Aubin in 1913. They continue to remain a family owned business and pride themselves on providing superior plants to the landscaping community.

St. Aubin Nursery’s wholesale pick-up yard is located in Kirkland, Illinois where they have over 500 acres of high quality landscape material. This location features several hundred pre-dug shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees under drip irrigation. They are especially proud to advertise that they are native plant specialists, and they invite you to view their new wholesale catalog. They collect most of their own seed from local ecosystems, and they use and endorse the Rootmaker™ air pruning system. They offer native plant selections from quarts to 6” caliper.

They offer flexible delivery options that will insure that your plant material will arrive on your job site, on time. Delivery is available to all 48 states and Canada. St. Aubin Nursery also takes pride in digging their trees in the correct manner. They have been digging down to the root flare, before extracting the ball, for over 20 years. This enables your trees to fare better in their new location.

Their welcome mat is always out, and they encourage and hope that you will come and take a tour of their nursery. Please call beforehand to set up a time and they will arrange to show you around. Thank you, St. Aubin Nursery for being a business member of our chapter. Learn more about St. Aubin Nursery at their website.

Please support these valued organizations, they support us through their dues, a minimum of $90 per year.

Applied Ecological Services, Inc
17921 W Smith Rd
Brodhead WI 53520-9355

Boone County Conservation District
603 N Appleton Rd
Belvidere IL 61008-3007

Kickapoo Mud Creek Nature Conservancy
PO Box 38
Oregon IL 61061-0038

Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden
2715 S Main St
Rockford IL 61102-3925

Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens
411 Kent St
Rockford, IL 61102-2915